New Beginnings

Today I celebrate the official launch of my new website and company name. So what’s new? Well, in essence, everything is still the same. I continue to offer energy healing, emotional wellbeing and soul development but scratch beneath the surface and everything has changed.

When I returned to Cheshire in 2012, the Soul Coach was birthed. I was very clear on what I wanted to offer and who I wanted to reach but I was also at the beginning of a separation and divorce and wasn’t quite prepared for the healing journey it would take me on. It took nearly 2 years to untangle the knots from around my heart but I learnt a lot about myself during those times and what it means to completely surrender to what is. I came to accept that we never really have control over anything, no matter how much we think we do!

Fast forward to today, and I knew that my work needed to be rebirthed too. Soulflower Therapies is the first of my new offerings. I wanted to be able to reach more people who were looking for natural solutions to support their emotional and physical wellbeing as well as opportunities to develop and grow. Under the umbrella of Soulflower Therapies, I will be offering Reiki, Flower Essences, Access Bars, Soul Plan and Women’s New Moon Circle. I had been struggling for some time to come up with a name for this new arm of my business (when I say struggling, I mean willing my heart to give me an answer), and then one day after working with Hellebore Flower Essence, clarity emerged and the name popped into my heart. This name is a nod to my gorgeous soul flower, Gentian, which is the bach flower essence for souls born under the sign Taurus. The lesson in life for Taureans is to let go and let god but if you’re a Taurean you will know that this is easier said than done.

This description of Gentian by Crystal Herbs sums it up perfectly:-

Gentian is the remedy for those who need help to restore the soul qualities of trust and faith at a personality level. Those who need this remedy are uncertain about their relationship with their Creator and find it difficult to see themselves as part of a greater whole in which all is ordered according to a higher plan. 

Gentian continues to walk with me everyday as I seek to be the lightbringer for those souls who find it difficult to be with their emotions and what is in front of them. It is also the perfect remedy for helping you consciously walk the path of your heart – for those icky moments when fear takes a hold!

I look forward to being of service once more and to helping the earth transmute some of the dark energies we are encased in. Be the change you wish to see in the world has never been a more empowering vision to hold and path to take and there is much support out there in order to help you walk it.

Love and Light

Sharon xxx

I surrender.

It doesn’t mean I give up.

It just means that I trust all is in Divine Order

and I let go of my own need to control everything

so that I can make space for miracles.

Anna Taylor


Always be open to new beginnings.

To the universe, every moment 

is the start of the next big thing in your life.

Marianne Williamson