Bach Flowers for Children

Flower Essences is a generic term used to describe essences that are made by capturing the energetic imprint of a flower’s blossoms in water. Every living thing on this planet has an energy and flowers are no exception. When we work with the essence of a flower in full bloom, the vibrational frequency somehow interacts with the human energy field helping us harmonise and rebalance any underlying mental, emotional or spiritual states.

Rescue Remedy is one of the more widely known thanks to the great work of Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s but in total he created 38 different essences to address and support emotional wellbeing. These combinations have been created to provide emotional support for adults and children in their daily lives. They address issues that we all go through and those that I commonly see in my therapeutic practice. They contain Bach Flower Essences produced by specialist makers, Crystal Herbs, according to the original directions of Dr Edward Bach.

Flower essences are taken internally as drops on the tongue. As you take the drops you may find that you are better able to transition through times of change, feel lighter and more resilient or you may become aware of things that need to change that are contributing to unhappiness or overwhelm. When we can meet these places within, rather than suppress or run away from them, we create an opportunity to change. The holistic approach is always to treat the person and not the disease so that you can return to your true essence and flower.

All combinations are priced at £10.00 per 30ml dosage bottle. The essences are held in a blend of 25ml water and 5ml brandy which acts as a preservative. When the drops are further diluted in water or juice (for babies and children) the alcohol volume becomes an infinitesimal amount.

N.B. Flower essences are not medicines nor are they substitutes for medical attention. They are however, a safe and natural way to help you stay balanced and can be used alongside any type of therapy, treatment or prescribed medication. They have no side effects and can be used by everyone, including pregnant women, babies and the elderly.

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