Sunshine in a Bottle


For people who may struggle with the lack of light during the darker, winter months or perhaps are experiencing sadness following a loss or bereavement which has left you flat and disinterested in life. This combination of essences will help to restore the spirit of joy and adventure once more so you feel more hopeful and accepting of the present time.

Clematis – When you have little enthusiasm for anything. Helps to ground you and take your head out of the clouds.

Gorse – The Sunshine of renewed hope. Feeling more hopeful than hopeless.

Mustard – When you are feeling down for no apparent reason. Helps the fog to lift.

Wild Rose – For apathy, lack of interest, no spark. Helps to restore the spirit of joy and adventure.

N.B this does not replace the need for medical attention if you are severely depressed. However, it may help you lift yourself out of the doldrums and seek whatever help you need or support therapeutic work you are already doing.

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 45 × 34 × 16 cm
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