Soothe the Soul


This soothing restorative remedy provides deep comfort and solace to the soul.

Gentian – For when you are feeling disheartened by life’s events, this essence helps you to take heart and have faith that all will be well.  Helps you to regain a deeper trust in life and oneself again.

Star of Bethlehem – For shock, grief, distress, for those who need consolation and comfort, for bad news, an accident, a fright, a narrow escape, for delayed shock, to neutralize effects of any shock past or present, even the shock of birth.

Sweet Chestnut – During times of anguish and despair, it can feel like our inner light has been extinguished and we are at our wit’s end, feeling alone, helpless and hopeless. Sweet Chestnut helps the soul rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes.

White Chestnut – Often during times of struggle, we can get stuck in a continual internal argument, going over and over the same conflict which begins to obstruct clarity. This essence brings peace to the busy mind so one can separate out unnecessary thoughts and listen more clearly to guidance from the higher self.

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Dimensions 45 × 34 × 16 cm
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