Sound Bath

A sound bath is a deeply immersive experience that uses sound to invite gentle, yet powerful, therapeutic processes to nurture your mind and body. Using a variety of instruments including chakra attuned crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, rainstick, chimes, wind gong and more you will be taken on a journey to a deep state of relaxation. Studies have shown that the vibrational sound frequencies entrain brainwaves to alpha, theta and delta frequencies which are associated with states of deep relaxation, meditation and sleep.

All you need to do is lay there and be open to receive. Sometimes during a sound bath we may find our minds wandering or emotions rising to the surface. These are all perfectly normal and nothing to be worried out. Simply allow yourself to be in the moment as you let go into a deeper state of inner peace and relaxation.

Purchasing in advance is essential. Refunds are not available within 72 hours of the event but if you’d like to transfer your space to a friend, just let us know.
Contra-indications: pregnancy, metal implant (contraceptive coils are fine) or pacemaker, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, severe or clinical mental illness. Please discuss any concerns or queries you may have regarding the suitability of a sound bath for you.

Crystal bowls and other instruments displayed for use in a sound bath.

Thursday 16th May 2024

Davenham Methodist Church, Firthfields, Davenham, Northwich, Cheshire

Prompt start 7.30-8.45pm

£15.00. Payment must be made in advance to secure your place. This event is non-refundable outside of 72 hours notice.


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